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David Carmichael Trader Interview, FX Currency and Commodities Trader, Winner of the Investment Reporter Trading Competition, Best Trader In The UK,

David Carmichael Property Investment Expert, Tutor

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We are extending invitations to Financial Traders from all walks of life, who live and trade from the UK, to determine what is possible re trading. The challenge must be conducted with a live trading account and will run for 6 days. The top prize will be a cheque for the equivalent amount that is accumulated during the trading period. If you would like to take part, complete the form opposite and we will email you details. (ENTRIES NOW CLOSED)

Results of our Trading Competition

We are delighted to announce that the winner of our trading challenge is David Carmichael. He is currently a Hedge Fund Manager and FX Currency and Capital Markets Trader at Universal Private Equity, who are based in Central London. We presented him with his winners cheque of £6,225 which was equivalent to his trading balance as at 28 February 2016, which is a remarkable achievement when you bear in mind that all of the participants started with a trading account balance of £800.

The idea was first suggested by our correspondent Martha Jones after she investigated a few of these firms who claim that they can teach people how to trade over a short period. Some of these “educators” were making claims which professional Hedge Fund managers would tell us was just not realistic to expect. They would state that a Fund Manager that achieves a 30% return in 1 year has done tremendously well and most of these fund Managers have gone through a long period of learning in order to achieve their success.

With this in mind we set up this competition in an attempt to prove or disprove the claims that an individual can learn to trade and start with a balance of even less than £1000 and still be able to increase the capital.

The rules of this competition allowed the participants to be able to trade whatever instruments or markets they wanted to and that they would trade over a period of 6 days starting out with a Live trading account balance of £800.

We extend our congratulations to David Carmichael who ended up with a verified trading balance of £6,225 which equates to a massive 778% return on the starting capital. 2nd position was taken by JM with a balance of £2,098, a 262% return and 3rd position was taken by KK with a closing balance of £1,696, a 212% return on the starting capital.  The breakdown for the remaining participants are as follows: 80% of the participants actually ended up with a deficit, having less money left in the account than they started with, 8% effectively broke even and 11% made a profit. The top 3 participants all made impressive returns, which our professionals here were telling us was a very unlikely outcome. The question should really be asked “Is David Carmichael the best trader in the UK”, as he won the competition by such a margin and literally achieved an outcome that our professionals here deemed almost impossible. In fact all of the top three did. So our conclusion is that it is possible to make these returns but statistically it is very unlikely . You have to make sure that you really learn your craft and learn to stay disciplined.  >


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FX Stock Market trading competition..David Carmichael FX trader is the clear winner.

If you would like to contact David Carmichael he can be found at and he is easily found on social media. We are happy to recommend his learning resources.